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Music Therapy Grief Support Groups

Harmony Music Therapy, in partnership with Amber Creek Counseling
Find Hope and Healing after the loss of your Loved One
Description: Our music therapy grief counseling groups can help you find hope and healing through music during the grieving process. Music has the power to help you find peace, comfort, and support after the loss of a loved one. Our groups are led by Board Certified Music Therapists from Harmony Music Therapy with specialized training in grief and loss.
  • 8 week program with weekly 60 minute groups
  • Groups involve music therapy, psychoeducation, and grief counseling
  • Cost is $50 per group

801-455-0045 (Amber Creek Counseling)
9035 S. 1300 E. Ste 120
Sandy, UT 84094
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Why Use Music Therapy in Grief Counseling?


Harmony Music Therapy offers a supportive environment in our grief counseling groups. Our curriculum includes a wide range of creative arts therapies (music, art, play, bibliotherapy, drama therapy, dance, poetry, relaxation), all of which are intentionally designed to move participants through the grieving process.

Music Therapy is especially powerful as it is a natural means of coping, expression, and social connection. It is a powerful and effective way to work through the healing process.

For some individuals, the pain of grief is too unbearable and they turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. These damaging responses can lead to emotional and/or interpersonal problems that maintain a negative impact for years to come.

The outcome is different when grieving individuals work through their grief in a supportive environment. Peer support is an important component of all grief work, and our Grief Support Groups intentionally create opportunities for participants to actively engage with peers to share grief experiences, thoughts and emotions about the loss, and explore each other’s coping mechanisms.