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Following Directions: How Music Can Help Your Child Hear & Understand

For kids who have a hard time hearing and responding when you give them directions, adding a little music or rhythm can help increase the likelihood that they will hear and understand. It’s important to think of the process of kids “following directions” as involving at least two components. The child hears and understands the..

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speech and music therapy

How Speech Therapy and Music Therapy Work Together

The combination of speech and music therapy presents a unique opportunity for two specialties to come together and maximize the child’s time in therapy. Over the years, we have had a great deal of success in collaborating with Speech Therapists in Music Therapy. The Speech Therapist focuses on speech and language development through their unique..

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special needs children

Music Therapy Success Stories with Special Needs Children

Special needs children make significant gains with music therapy. Here are a few examples. In all honesty, “Music Therapy Success Stories” is a hard subject for a post–and not because the stories are hard to find. Quite the contrary, actually. There are thousands and thousands of touching stories of music therapy with special needs children that it’s..

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Music Therapy to address Communication in Special Education

Music Therapy is a powerful tool in special education to help children learn and grow through music. In this video, Jaycie Voorhees explains how a music therapist might address some of the needs of children in special education by creating a song to target a specific need. In this case, the child needed help to learn..

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