early intervention

Two Powerful Ways to Utilize Music Therapy in Early Intervention

Early Intervention programs can contract with a music therapist and bring in their services when a child may benefit. These referrals can be for individual music therapy or community parent child music therapy groups. Individual Music Therapy An Early Intervention program can contract with a music therapist or hire one on staff to provide music..

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Music Therapy Increases Patient & Customer Satisfaction

In a recent survey of 25 businesses providing music therapy in Utah, 95% responded that their music therapy program increases patient and customer satisfaction. 95%. That’s a pretty solid response for a survey of such a wide variety of providers. These survey respondents serve a wide variety of clients including those with brain injury, children with medical needs,..

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special needs children

Music Therapy Success Stories with Special Needs Children

Special needs children make significant gains with music therapy. Here are a few examples. In all honesty, “Music Therapy Success Stories” is a hard subject for a post–and not because the stories are hard to find. Quite the contrary, actually. There are thousands and thousands of touching stories of music therapy with special needs children that it’s..

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Music Therapy to address Communication in Special Education

Music Therapy is a powerful tool in special education to help children learn and grow through music. In this video, Jaycie Voorhees explains how a music therapist might address some of the needs of children in special education by creating a song to target a specific need. In this case, the child needed help to learn..

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