special needs children

Special Needs Children: Every Child Has the Potential to Grow

At┬áHarmony Music Therapy we work with many special needs children. With all of them, our philosophy is that “Every child has the potential to Grow”. I firmly believe that philosophy and hold to it with every client I see. I recently had a conversation with a client’s mother about her daughter’s progress in music therapy..

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[vimeo 77002724 w=500 h=281] One Note at a Time from Spy Hop Productions on Vimeo.

Autism Treatment Documentary: One Note At a Time

SpyHop Productions beautifully documents how music therapy is used in Autism treatment. Just two years ago, SpyHop Productions put together a documentary about music therapy in Autism treatment. As luck would have it, my friend and fellow music therapist Amanda Maestro Scherer and I were featured in the film! It was SUCH a privilege to..

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The Role of Music in Music Therapy: Motivation and Facilitation

Music therapy helps children develop skills on both a conscious and subconscious level. It can quite literally help the body and mind complete tasks that were previously quite difficult. Find out how! When people ask about what music therapy is and how it can help their child, I like to start by explaining the domains..

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