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special needs children

What are Developmental Music Groups?

Developmental Music Groups are different than your typical early childhood music classes. Music Therapists are trained in child development and how to use music to meet the unique needs of group members, and do so with the flexibility of meeting needs in the moment. There is no outlined curriculum, and no pre-determined set of songs. Everything the music therapist brings to the group is specially designed for that group in that moment.
This flexibility is especially important when working with children with special needs. While many children do well in curriculum-based early childhood music classes, many parents of special needs children report that their child does not seem to gain much from the group, or that they struggle to attend and engage. In our setting, the therapist is able to change at a moment’s notice to help draw each child into the music experience and maximize potential.
Locations may be in client homes, at early intervention facilities, or at the Harmony Music Therapy Studio.
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12 Weeks of Classes

Groups are typically structured to start at the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, and October), and last for 12 weeks. However, any child who is interested is welcome to start at any time if there is a space available.

30-40 Minute Groups

Groups last about 30-40 minutes, depending on the age range of participants and the needs of the particular group. We will communicate the length to you at the beginning of the 12 week period, with most groups lasting about 35 minutes.

Age Range from 0-5

Age ranges include 6 months to 18 months, 18 months to age 3, and 3-5. In many cases, older siblings (usually no more than 5 years old) attend groups with their younger sibling and act as peer models.

Developmental Goal Areas

Because many of the group members have special needs, many of them have treatment plans. Some of the goal areas may fall under social skills, communication, motor skills, sensory integration, attention, or emotional regulation.

Group with Individual Treatment Plan


This option is for children who have individualized treatment plans with goals that the Music Therapist will address and track during each group. This is typically recommended for children with special needs.

Group with No Treatment Plan


This service option is for children who will have one shared group goal with their peers with no additional individualized treatment planning or goal tracking. This is recommended for typically developing children.