Why Use Music Therapy for Social Skills?

Children with Autism often struggle with social skills. We have a range of clients from those who need help to notice another person in the room, to those who need help knowing how to carry on a conversation. Music therapy is not only fun, but extremely effective in helping these individuals develop the skills they need for everyday interaction.
So how do we use music therapy to develop social skills? Some interventions may include:
      • Passing instruments back and forth or in a circle
      • Sharing instruments (i.e. we may have one child hold the drum while the other plays)
      • Engaging in movement by dancing with a partner, copying moves, or simply engage in free movement play
      • Creating songs specific to social skills such as conversations, greeting peers, or different aspects of interaction (such as sharing, saying yes/no, etc.)
      • Singing hello and goodbye songs to teach appropriate greetings
      • Encouraging children to listen to their peers as they play

Need More Info?

Learn more about how music therapy helps children develop social skills Here

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Age Groups

We have groups available for children as young as 3 up to 12 years old. We place children in groups of anywhere from 2-5 participants based on age range and level of need, and lead music interventions which make socializing fun and successful.


Groups may take place at our Harmony Music Therapy Studio in Sandy, Utah, or at the home of a client who wishes to host.

Group Times

Each weekly group lasts 45 minutes and are continuous throughout the year. Group times are after school hours on weekdays (with the exception of those for younger children).

Social Skills Group Pricing


$70 Assessment charge for first group

+$3 for every 20 miles away from Harmony Music Therapy Studio