Why Music Therapy in End of Life Care?

“Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort — between demoralization and dignity.”

–Barbara Crowe, Past President of the American Music Therapy Association

A music therapist is specially trained in counseling and the use of music in supporting those in end of life care. We use individual assessment, treatment planning and ongoing program evaluation as essential steps in our service provision, and see patients gain a sense of comfort and peace as they engage in music therapy. As members of an interdisciplinary team, music therapists implement programs with groups or individuals that display a vast continuum of needs, from reduction of anxiety to expression.

Meaningful Services

Music Therapy is a powerful tool in bringing peace, comfort, companionship, and closure for those in end of life care. Sessions are generally provided in a 1:1 format with patients and last approximately one hour. The music therapist assesses the needs of the patient and sets goals for each session. Each session is documented with information on goals, interventions used, outcomes seen, and any observed decline.

Marketing Support

Having Music Therapy as an option for service from a hospice company can be a powerful marketing tool. Your company will increase positive exposure and develop a strong reputation in the community.

Music Therapy will add a unique form of treatment to your company that will:

  • Promote greater customer satisfaction
  • Improve the quality of life for both patients and family caregivers
  • Put you a step ahead of other hospice companies

Cost Effective

Hospice companies who effectively implement music therapy programs in end of life care (and include music therapy as part of their marketing strategy) typically enjoy an increase of 3-6% in the Average Daily Census within the first year. The increase in census minus the cost of the music therapy program supports a cost effective business plan.

Hospice Music Therapy Session


+$30/hour for attendance at Interdisciplinary Team Meetings