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Raising a child is hard work. This is especially true for those with special needs who often require unique resources in order to progress. Our objective at Harmony Music Therapy is to give every parent, caregiver, and family an opportunity to see their loved one grow and succeed.
Music Therapy offers an effective, enjoyable and motivating solution. Using music to aid in transitions, develop language and social skills, diminish difficult behaviors, and learn challenging tasks is a powerful way to address the unique needs of your child. Your child’s time in music therapy will help them gain needed skills and will also help you gain tools to help your child grow.
We are dedicated to providing quality care, and offer a range of services to meet the unique needs of the clients we see.

What We Offer

special education

Individual Music Therapy

1:1 music therapy allows us to focus all of our energy and resources on your child. Sessions may be in your home or at Harmony Music Therapy.

$55/30 minute session

$70/45 minute session

early childhood

Group Music Therapy

We keep our groups small (2-5 participants maximum) to ensure that each child gets the individualized attention and focus they deserve. Groups may take place in a facility, client home, or at Harmony Music Therapy.


Speech and Music Therapy

Collaborative Speech and Occupational Therapy Groups

Maximize your time in therapy by participating in a collaborative group with either a Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist working alongside the Music Therapist. Groups may be in client homes, in a facility, or at Harmony Music Therapy.

$37.50/Group for Music Therapy, plus SLP or OT Group rates

music therapy, special needs children

Adapted Music Lessons

We help individuals with special needs learn to play instruments by adapting to their unique learning styles. Lessons may be in your home or at Harmony Music Therapy.

$55/30 minute lesson

$70/45 minute lesson