Apply for our Music Therapy Internship

Thank you so much for your interest in interning with us!

The mission of Harmony Music Therapy is to guide our clients to experience joy, overcome challenges, and discover inner strength.

We uphold the belief that every individual has the potential to grow. Whether it is a child with severe special needs or an adult with late stage Dementia, every person has the capacity to learn and develop. Music is a powerful and effective way to bring about that growth.

If you are chosen as one of our interns you will learn how to bring this philosophy to every session and treat clients with the care they need in order to grow and progress in their own unique way.

Currently our internship is AFFILIATED WITH Utah State University, St Mary of the Woods College, and Pacific University

Internship Details

Our internship opportunity is based out of Sandy, Utah. Internship opportunities may involve the surrounding areas, such as Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah Counties. Personal transportation to these locations is required.

Internships generally take 6 months to complete at 40 hours per week. Based on your preferred start date make sure you are able to commit to this time frame.


The intern will be full-time (40 hours per week) for six months to complete 1,200 hours of internship as required by the American Music Therapy Association. Adjustments to hours and length can be made for interns who need to have part time employment during internship, as Harmony Music Therapy does not currently offer any stipend.


The intern will get the opportunity to work with multiple Harmony Music Therapy team members (if not all) to provide a well-rounded internship experience with a variety of diagnoses, ages, and goals as well as groups and individuals. The intern is also responsible in playing an active role in creating his/her own schedule and building a caseload that is inclusive of the diagnoses seen at Harmony Music Therapy.

The intern’s experience will begin with an observation period, in which the intern will be able to shadow each staff members’ entire caseload. The intern will also be able to have two observations of related therapies (SLP, PT, OT, ABA, etc.) to learn how different therapies work together for the same outcome.

Along with guidance from the internship supervisor, the intern will then build a caseload from the clients he or she has seen. Keep in mind that some clients will be non-intern clients, and therefore not available to add to the intern’s caseload.


The intern will also be required to complete three literature reviews and a final project, among other special projects to be determined


Harmony Music Therapy serves a vast variety of ages and diagnoses, from birth to end of life. Some of these diagnoses include, but are not limited to:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  2. Down syndrome
  3. Cerebral palsy
  4. Speech delay
  5. Developmental delay
  6. Visual/hearing impairments
  7. Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal ideation, Substance Abuse)
  8. Neurologic Rehabilitation (Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury)

Harmony Music Therapy provides services in individual’s homes, schools, behavioral hospitals, early intervention programs, preschool programs, therapy centers, and at our central clinic in Sandy, Utah. Harmony Music Therapy currently employs eight Board-Certified Music Therapists, with three holding additional training in Neurologic Music Therapy. Having multiple therapists on staff allows for the intern to observe and learn from a myriad of different philosophies, methodologies, and styles of Music Therapy.

Requirements for interns

  1. Repertoire and Proficiency: Interns are expected to have a repertoire of music that is age-appropriate for the wide range of ages served at Harmony Music Therapy. Guitar, piano, and voice proficiency is required.
  2. Singing and Accompanying Ability: It is essential that the intern have the ability to sing both acapella and accompanied in an appropriate range for the clientele. Interns will be incorporating percussion instruments as well.
  3. Written and Verbal Skills: Strong written and verbal skills are highly recommended and important for success in this internship environment.
  4. Reliable Transportation: Due to the mobility of the business, interns are required to have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation for travel between sessions.

Before Starting Your Application

Currently our internship is ONLY AFFILIATED WITH Utah State University, St Mary of the Woods College, and Pacific University. As a quick checklist for your personal review here are the items that are required in addition to your application: 

1. Resume including practicum experiences (PDF or Word Document to upload with application)

2. Short essay responses (Submitted with application) 

3. Three letters of recommendation (To be submitted with the online application)

4. College/University Letter of Verification (To be emailed within one week of submitted application)

5. University/College Transcript (To be emailed or mailed)


Once your application has been reviewed we will reach out to schedule an official internship interview.

To begin your application process use the form below.