We provide services at our facility, in patient homes through Salt Lake, Davis and Utah Counties, or in the facility of an agency contracting with Harmony Music Therapy.

We keep our groups small (2-5 participants maximum). This ensures the best possible environment for each child where they will get the individualized attention and focus they deserve. Groups are typically larger in facility settings with up to 12 children per group. We strive to group children with similar needs and with whom they will be most successful.

We have two options for group rates:
$15 Per Group: This service option is for children who will have one shared group goal with their peers with no additional individualized treatment planning.

$30 Per Group: This service option is for children who will have individualized treatment plans with 2-4 goals and objectives which the Music Therapist will address and track during each group. Goals will be based on the child’s individual needs as identified through assessment, and may fall under the domains of motor, cognitive, social, communication, sensory integration, and/or emotional regulation domains. This is typically recommended for children with developmental concerns and/or special needs.

Groups are once a week and are continuous throughout the year. Initial registration covers 10 consecutive weeks of groups beginning with the first available start date. We work with children from the infant/toddler age to adolescents and divide participants into groups according to their needs and age range.

We currently offer a variety of groups to meet the unique needs of the individual child. Group options include:

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