Music Therapy - Using Instruments with Kids
early childhood

Age Range

We form groups with children as young as 9 months up to adolescence. Availability is based on whether we currently have other children with similar needs and in the same age range.

Group Length

Groups are typically 45 minutes in length. This time can be adjusted based on the needs of group members.

Group Times

Groups are continuous throughout the year. Group times are after school hours on weekdays (with the exception of those for younger children).

 Music Therapy Groups are created based on the needs of your child. We place children together based on need and age range, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 children per group.
Music Therapists are trained in child development and how to use music to meet the unique needs of group members, and do so with the flexibility of meeting needs in the moment. There is no outlined curriculum, and no pre-determined set of songs. Everything the music therapist brings to the group is specially designed for that group in that moment.
If your child struggles with any of the following, music therapy groups may be right for you:
  • Social Anxiety or other social difficulties
  • Impulse Control
  • Communication difficulties
Groups may take place in client homes or at Harmony Music Therapy in Sandy.
ear;y childhood

For pricing information please consult our Music Therapy Pricing Guide.