Meisha, parent
It wasn’t until he started music therapy that he began making progress

My son who has speech Apraxia was not speaking any words at 3 1/2 years old. The best treatment for this condition is repetition and intensive speech therapy. My son had no speech, a very difficult temperament and behavioral problems. He had been in early intervention, early preschool and individual speech, but he was not making progress. During the summer I decided to have him do music therapy with his friend who had similar speech and developmental delays. I was hopeful that music therapy would open his mind in a new way to help his language progress.

Immediately after beginning music therapy I noticed a change in my son. He started music therapy in June and by the beginning of September he was speaking words that I could understand. From June 2017 to February 2018, my son went from having no speech to now speaking full sentences that are understandable. He is now happy and does not have behavioral problems. I have been so thrilled with his teachers and his progress from music therapy, and while I know that my son was involved in other therapies and interventions, it wasn’t until he started music therapy that began making progress and I noticed his behavioral changes. I’m so happy we chose to utilize this amazing resource.