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The Power of Collaboration: Speech and Music Therapy

Power comes with collaboration. Speech and Music Therapy fit together beautifully! Here’s how. Speech therapy is a well known and typically well understood approach to help children with special needs develop language. Music therapy, however, is less well known, but incredibly effective in promoting language development. So it is only natural that two therapists would..

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Music Therapy Increases Patient & Customer Satisfaction

In a recent survey of 25 businesses providing music therapy in Utah, 95% responded that their music therapy program increases patient and customer satisfaction. 95%. That’s a pretty solid response for a survey of such a wide variety of providers. These survey respondents serve a wide variety of clients including those with brain injury, children with medical needs,..

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Early Childhood Developmental Music Groups for Children!

Early Childhood is a crucial time for development. Let music be a part of it for your child! We are currently restructuring our early childhood music therapy groups! Up until now the groups have been focused on individuals with disabilities, but we are now inviting children of all abilities to participate and interact with one..

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