(Video) Requesting “More”: How a song can help your child communicate

Many children with communication delays have difficulty making their wants and needs known. Music is an effective and memorable way for children to learn how to make requests. In this video, Cassie demonstrates how implementing a pause or a break during a song can help encourage your child to communicate their wants and needs by..

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Music Therapy in Early Intervention: Case Study with a 2 Year old Boy with Seizures

In music therapy we were able to celebrate and maximize what this boy COULD do rather than focus on his disabilities. During music therapy he connected with his peers and showcased more of his true self. The director of an early intervention program approached me about adding an additional student to our music therapy group. The..

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The Power of Collaboration: Speech and Music Therapy

Power comes with collaboration. Speech and Music Therapy fit together beautifully! Here’s how. Speech therapy is a well known and typically well understood approach to help children with special needs develop language. Music therapy, however, is less well known, but incredibly effective in promoting language development. So it is only natural that two therapists would..

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