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Outcomes, Benefits and Drawbacks of Music Therapy with Special Needs Children

Music therapy is a motivating and refreshing way to special needs children make much needed progress. Here’s a bit on the outcomes, benefits, and drawbacks of music therapy. Common Outcomes of Music Therapy Music reaches SO many different areas of functioning and development for special needs children. When working with children with Autism, Down syndrome, learning..

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(Video) Requesting “More”: How a song can help your child communicate

Many children with communication delays have difficulty making their wants and needs known. Music is an effective and memorable way for children to learn how to make requests. In this video, Cassie demonstrates how implementing a pause or a break during a song can help encourage your child to communicate their wants and needs by..

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Two Barriers to Music Therapy in Special Education

Music therapy is grossly underutilized in special education settings across the country, but most especially in Utah. Here’s why. Even though students show significant progress with music therapy as a related service, only a handful of Utah schools currently utilize the power of music therapy. School-Based programs who currently incorporate music therapy include: Center based..

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