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Harmony Music Therapy has served the special needs and mental health populations in Utah for over 10 years. We serve clients in Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Washington County. We are passionate, innovative, and 100% dedicated to the growth of our clients.

We believe our dedication to these values makes us the leader for music therapy in Utah. And our 2,000+ happy clients seem to agree.

Music Therapy in Mental Health

As an expressive therapy, music therapy helps clients connect to their emotions and experiences through creativity. We work in behavioral hospitals, treatment centers, and with private clients and see some pretty amazing results.

Request a demo and see how we can improve your mental health.

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Special Needs

Music therapy helps children and adults with special needs improve social skills, communication, and manage emotions. We work with private clients through 1:1 or group music therapy, and also offer adapted instrument lessons.

We also work in schools and various programs serving those with special needs.

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Team Development

We provide drumming workshops to help strengthen teams and improve workplace wellness. These team drumming workshops are incredibly energizing, powerful, and completely customized to your organization.

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For Businesses

How can music therapy enhance your program, attract new clients, improve service quality, and increase patient satisfaction? Here’s how!


What Our Clients Are Saying

New to Music Therapy?

 If you’re new to music therapy, you may be wondering “what is it? What does it look like? And who can it help?”

Simply put, music therapy helps strengthen relationships, lengthen attention span, work through emotions, and even improve communication.

And we do it all with music.

The Harmony Music Therapy Experience

Our Utah Music Therapy services are top notch. All of our therapists are Board Certified Music Therapists and are trained to use music to meet the unique needs of the clients they see. Our philosophy is that every individual has the potential to grow, and we believe that music plays a significant role in supporting that growth.
Experience Harmony for yourself and find out how music therapy can make a difference in your life.

Connection Through Music
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