Harmony Music Therapy.

Many parents feel concerned about their child’s social, emotional and behavioral development.
At Harmony Music Therapy, we use music to address these challenges and help the child experience success.
We serve Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties in homes, schools, and facilities, and we look forward to serving you!


How can music therapy help attract new clients, improve the quality of services, and increase customer and patient satisfaction?



How can music therapy give you greater peace of mind, more skills to utilize at home, and help your child grow and succeed?


Experience Harmony.

Grow With Music

The Harmony Music Therapy Experience

Our Utah Music Therapy services are top notch. All of our therapists are Board Certified Music Therapists and are trained to use music to meet the unique needs of the clients they see. Our philosophy is that every individual has the potential to grow, and we believe that music plays a significant role in supporting that growth.
Experience Harmony for yourself and find out how music therapy can make a difference in your life.

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I want to connect with my special needs child

Making music together is a natural way for a parent to connect with their child. Positive experiences in music therapy will deepen the parent child bond and increase attachment.


I want my child to experience success

Music Therapy provides endless opportunities for success. Your child will develop a whole new level of confidence as they learn and grow through music therapy.


I want to see my child grow and progress

Meeting the unique needs of a special needs child is a daunting task. A music therapist can offer innovative strategies that will help your child grow and progress through music.


I want to find more joy in parenting

Raising a child with special needs is hard work. By finding effective ways to help your child at home, you will develop confidence and renew your joy in parenting.


We need innovative programs that stay within the budget

Music Therapy is both cost effective and patient centered. It can help your bottom line while simultaneously increasing your level of patient care.


We need to attract new referrals/clients

Hospices who implement music therapy programs and include it in their marketing typically enjoy a 3-6% increase in the Average Daily Census within the first year.


We want to increase patient satisfaction

In a recent survey of businesses providing music therapy in Utah, 100% responded that their music therapy program increases patient and customer satisfaction.


We need to stand out from the competition

A music therapy program sets your business apart by showing your company is innovative and dedicated to positive client outcomes.