[vimeo 77002724 w=500 h=281] One Note at a Time from Spy Hop Productions on Vimeo.

Autism Treatment Documentary: One Note At a Time

SpyHop Productions beautifully documents how music therapy is used in Autism treatment. Just two years ago, SpyHop Productions put together a documentary about music therapy in Autism treatment. As luck would have it, my friend and fellow music therapist Amanda Maestro Scherer and I were featured in the film! It was SUCH a privilege to..

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Motivation for Communication: Music Therapy in Autism Treatment

Music Therapy can provide a significant source of motivation in Autism treatment. Find out how: For a child with Autism, learning to communicate is a significant barrier. Not only does the child have difficulty knowing how to communicate, but often they are so involved in their own world that they have difficult finding the motivation to communicate. This..

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